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AudienceView Unlimited Product Guides

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Welcome to the AudienceView Unlimited Product Guides

The documentation is broken up into several guides that cover each area of the Desktop, as well as the various sales channels.


The search functionality works much like any search engine.

The search will return partial matches.
Searching for eve will return things like event and seventy.

If you do not want to see any partial matches, put the term in quotes ("eve").

Wildcard characters:

Combining an * within quotes searches for things that start or end with a term much like using the % in the Desktop.
Searching for "eve*" will return things like event but not level.

Using a ? substitutes a letter or number in your search much like using _ in the Desktop.
Searching for p?r will return partial matches (performance, import).


There are other resources available that will not be returned in your searches (but have searches of their own).