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AudienceView Unlimited Worksheets

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Welcome to the AudienceView Unlimited Worksheets

Here you’ll find fillable worksheets to help you plan your configurations. You’ll also find links to the step-by-step instructions in the product guides.


These worksheets were created as part of the on-demand training that you can find in the Learning Portal, but you can and should use them long after you’ve finished the training


We encourage you to use these resources digitally, however, if you prefer to print a copy you can do so by selecting Print Topic from the ‘More’ menu in the top-right corner.


Limits & When to Use Them - Limits Worksheets

Event Configuration - Venues Worksheet

Product Configuration - Charges Worksheet

Product Configuration - Miscellaneous Items Worksheet

Product Configuration - Stored Value Items Worksheet

Legends - Price Zones Worksheet

Legends - Hold Types Worksheet

Legends - Price Types Worksheet

General Configuration - Payment Methods Worksheet

General Configuration - Ticket Templates Worksheet

General Configuration - Delivery Methods Worksheet

Funds Management - Program Funds and Gifts Worksheet

Funds Management - Gift/Donation Processing

Funds Management - Opportunities Worksheet

Application Security - Groups Worksheet

Application Security - Roles Worksheet


There are other resources available that will not be returned in your searches (but have searches of their own):